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Tree and sun

Watering, pruning and cutting is the most well-known tree upkeep to promote health and save the life of your trees. Our skilled professionals at Eddy Tree Service are the best in the business. Let us keep your trees healthy for years to come. Our experts are prepared to target specific branches and limbs to expand the life and promote new growth of a tree. Each cut not only changes the tree's look, but also changes the development and growth. That is the reason we stress the significance of a skilled expert to review the tree and select every specific branch for removal - while preventing disease. Our procedure and processes are deliberate and we consider the entire structure of the tree before we make any cuts. 


Call Eddy Tree Service today to discuss your specific needs with our trained professionals and to schedule a free quote.

Logger cutting wood with chainsaw

No tree is too big or too small. As large, heavy trees die they can become a serious risk factor to your property or even to the life of your family. These substantial risks need to be removed by professionals who are skilled, knowledgeable and using the proper equipment. Our top priority is to ensure that your home, family and property are protected and safe during the tree evacuation process. Since safety is so important to Eddy Tree Service, we ensure both your property and our skilled professionals are protected by using appropriate equipment and best-industry practices for safe and efficient tree removals. We are proud to be recognized as your safe choice in tree services and heavy tree removals in the Texas Hill Country. We will leave your property clean when the job is complete! 


Call Eddy Tree Service today to remove unsightly or dangerous trees from your property.

Stump Grinding

In the event that you have a stump to remove, we have the gear, equipment and knowledge to do it right! A stump grinder is a mechanized machine with a spinning cutting wheel which quickly and efficiently grinds the stump into mulch and causes it to vanish from sight permanently. The stump can be ground to a shallow depth to permit turf or ground spread to develop, or it can be ground to a deeper level to plant large plants in its place. Surface roots can also be expelled if they present an issue. If you have unsightly or inconvenient stumps in your yard, Eddy Tree Service can remove that eyesore for good!

Storm Damaged Tree

In the Texas Hill Country, we see our share of storms and wind. Sadly, tree emergencies happen, and they never occur at a convenient time. In the event that you need Emergency Tree Service, 24/7, day or night, contact Eddy Tree Service. While most tree service companies claim to be ready and available day or night, not every tree company is there for you when you need them or is trained and experienced to deal with the incredibly risky removal of a fallen tree safely and efficiently. We are focused on and committed to the safety and protection of our staff, your family and your property.

Call Eddy Tree Service today to schedule a free quote!

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